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Health Preservation Handmade Luzhou-flavor Black Sesame Cake (454g)

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[Handmade Black Sesame Cake (454g)]]

Highly recommended💥Health snacks🌈🌈
Food to stop my mouth🥰Handmade black sesame cake# handmade

Each piece is vacuum-packed and is not easy to deteriorate. When opened, you can smell sesame aroma and will not be too sweet after entering,
There is bite smoke toughness, sesame concentration is very high, just like eating sesame paste thick pure fragrance👍👍

👉Super-strong aroma black sesame cake, strictly selected high-quality black sesame cold-pressed production, raw materials are simple and not affectation,
The mellow sesame aroma makes you smell it from afar. Sesame Control must not be missed!

📌Rich in vitamin B group, E and magnesium, potassium, zinc and a variety of trace minerals, suitable for eating more healthy every day.
Do not stick to the teeth, adults, children, men, women love to eat snacks, no matter how to eat it, don't be afraid of fat, let you eat healthy and energetic

📌Black sesame is good for liver, kidney, nourishing blood, moistening dryness, black hair and beauty. It is the best health and beauty food for tonifying liver and kidney, tonifying essence and blood, and moistening intestines and dryness.
Used for dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, early white hair, alopecia after illness, intestinal dryness and constipation.

📌Black sesame seeds contain a variety of essential amino acids in the role of vitamin E, vitamin B1 participation,
Can accelerate the body's metabolic function; black sesame contains iron and vitamin E is an important component to prevent anemia, activate brain cells, eliminate blood vessel cholesterol,
Black sesame seeds contain fat mostly unsaturated fatty acids.

✅Storage method: store cool dry place
📦Specifications: 454g/1 pack

Exp: 2024/09

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