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Peach Oolong Tea (50 yuan) Exclusive Preparation of Real Materials

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Honey Peach Karong (50 Iin)

As low as $42/bag😆It's worth it‼️‼️🔥Hot drinks are as good as frozen drinks, and hot fragrant scented tea is recommended.🥰

🉐Exclusive preparation, real material😁
At ordinary times, everyone drinks scented tea with a single taste, but peach oolong tea is not the same.🍑
Fruity and sweet🤗, mellow tea flavor✌And the peach is fresh and sweet🌟It helps to relieve fat and greasy, positive👍🏻👍🏻

✅Oolong tea is rich in tea polyphenols and vitamin C, which is beneficial to health.
I can't help you guys💃, no matter whether it is a house or an office, it is convenient to rush to Li drink🍵

Today, many people pay attention to health care.💖, special department ladies👱🏻‍♀Small D drinks coffee🙅, soda🙅, frozen drink🙅, drinking scented tea is much better for your health💃, so this time introduced the flower tea bag, ladies must I miss it🤩, drink scented tea to replenish water💫and promote skin moisture, healthy and beneficial👏.

⭕The design of the tea bag adopts independent packaging, which is convenient and fast. A tea bag can be drunk repeatedly with water.😘

👩‍🍳Drinking advice: Baked water

📌Specifications: 1 pack of 50 tea bags
📦Storage method: Store in a cool place or refrigerator 0 4 * better
📆Edible period: 07-2024 (subject to packaging instructions)

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