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[spot] Korean version of Combat Pro * 5 times powerful cockroach/what ah crumbs insecticide syringe 55g (effective after 7-10 days)

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Korean version🇰🇷A little bit of Combat Pro * 5 times the powerful cockroach/what ah crumbs insecticide syringe 55g (effective after 7-10 days)

One cockroach is equal to one hundred houses.😖
What can you do if you order something first?🧐
The Korean version can help with a little Combat Pro.👍
5 times more powerful to kill and reduce cockroaches
Cockroach bait exerts its effect after 24-48 hours✨
Effective after about 7-10 days of application🔆

✅Serial kill all
✅5 times * powerful
✅Convenient support gel packaging
✅Health does not touch the hand
✅There is no problem with cracks and cracks.
✅No need to spray
✅Without any pungent
✅Harmful odor
✅3 months long-term
✅Made in Korea

Method of use🔅
Just click on the rice-sized bait, which does not occupy living space at all. 5g is very durable.
Bait in place🙌You can buy bait boxes by yourself/use the bottle caps instead of water bottles.
Under the waste water/kitchen toilet corner/kitchen cabinet corner/table bottom all can be🙌
Every 3 ️⃣once a month

Building a clean and hygienic home🏠
Period of use: 2025

1. It can be placed in any crevices, cracks and other hard-to-reach places inside and outside the house, because all cockroaches have the opportunity to enter the house from outside.
2. If the volume of the gel bait is found to be smaller, please add it in an appropriate amount to maintain a good pest control effect.

-Do not contaminate food, drinking water, feed, and avoid putting it in the reach of children or pets.
-Avoid direct contact with the gel
-Do not use in places where water is frequently touched (automatic dishwashers and zinc pan surfaces), or places that are regularly cleaned or touched with water
-- Wear disposable gloves when using the gel. If skin comes into contact with gel, rinse thoroughly with water
-The remaining gel must be sealed and avoid storage with food
-Used containers are not reusable and should be discarded immediately
-Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight

* Report of experimental studies in which the Fipronil of a bait component is Hydramethylnon than another bait component (* 5 times more potent)
Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Leisure National University of Kaohsiung