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Authentic salty citrus cough pure natural hand-made salty lemon 500g

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[Authentic Four-Year Salty Orange 500g]]

Fight!! Crazy robbery🤩Open the cylinder, open the cylinder💥
Finally received the supplier notice four years salty citrus finally opened the jar! 3000 bottles were sold last year!
Open the king! The treasure of relieving sore throat is dumb, and it is not too much to use up. It is beautiful and quick to replenish!

Limited quantity⭐while stock lasts
Every year, salty oranges are well received. Marinated with authentic oranges for four years👍👍👍
In the past, my grandmother used to be a treasure. I believe everyone knows the effect of salty oranges.
When everyone said that the sand was too sore to make a sore throat, one or two pills were out of the way and they washed warm water and drank them...

🌈The magic power appears🧙‍♂️
✅Slowly return to the state, the voice is loud and clear!
✅Salty citrus can not only cough and phlegm, but also health effects such as stomach health.
🤓The effect varies from person to person

📌Capacity: 500g About 35 grains (weight production)
📦Storage method: put dry place can be
🌿Pure natural handmade
❌Without any preservatives

[pure natural handmade salty lemon 500g]]

⭕Preventing colds and nourishing the throat💁🏻‍♀salty lemon🍋
Seasons alternate, it is easy to catch a cold if you are not careful.😷Cough, sore throat, nasal congestion and other diseases😣😣

💁‍♀This salty lemon🍋After 3 years of pickling, low acidity and thin skin.
😋Can be eaten directly, and can be soaked in water to drink🥤
Home-made [salty lemon seven] salty salty acid is also very good throat👍🏻👍🏻
Sore throat, phlegm throat or at the beginning of a cold, may wish to take a cup of strange salty lemonade try, the effect is immediate💖

🍋The longer the salty lemon is pickled, the better the effect, usually about a year can be taken out to eat.
In addition to the left simple instant or flush drink, with salty lemon boiled soup like😋

📖Recipe Recommendation: [Salty Lemon Duck Soup]]
Appetizing and benefiting spleen; salted lemon barley soup is helpful for digestion and absorption.
Because salty lemon is an alkaline common food, after the natural metabolism of diet, to slow down the acidification of body fluid PH value, there is a certain role in food therapy.
Therefore, people who often stay up late with alcohol and tobacco, poor digestion of spleen and stomach, excessive pressure and heavy body can eat more in moderation.

🌿Pure natural handmade❌No preservatives

📌Weight: 500g (about 12-15 grains)
📦Storage method: put the refrigerator in a cool place after opening
🌏Origin: Chaoshan

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