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New MIN MAKE WAFFLE mini waffle machine home children baking machine multi-function cake machine

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The waffle maker will automatically power off after heating, the green light will be green when heating, and the green light will go out after heating is completed
waffle making process:
Ingredients: eggs, low-gluten flour, butter, sugar, milk, corn starch,
Yogurt, fruit.
Production Method:
1: Prepare the required materials.
2: egg yolk add 30 grams of sugar, beat evenly.
3: Pour the milk and stir well.
4: Pour in the melted butter and stir well.
5: Add sifted low-gluten flour.
6: Stir into a smooth and even batter.
7: egg white with a whisk into a coarse bubble, add 15 grams of sugar.
8: 15 grams of granulated sugar is added when the hair is fine.
9: Add the last remaining 15 grams of caster sugar when the lines appear.
10: Until the egg whites are hard-blistered with sharp corners.
11: Take the 1/3 egg white paste into the egg yolk paste and stir well up and down.
12: Pour the mixed egg yolk paste into the egg white paste and continue to stir evenly.
13: mold oil after preheating for one or two minutes.
14: Pour in the batter.
15: Heat on medium and low heat, bake each side for a minute or two, then turn over, turn over twice for about 4 minutes.