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Song Xing Brand Authentic Thai Salted Lime 454g

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Song Xing Brand Authentic Thai Salted Lime 454g

The weather at home began to warm up, and when I returned to my house after the street, I felt so hot that I wanted to drink a cool and refreshing drink to quench my thirst.💦Drink a cup of frozen lime or salty lemon 7, it's cool.🧊🧊

But in Hong Kong, you need authentic Thai salted lemon.🍋Nothing is easy, but Thailand's Song Xing Brand offers the most authentic food plan. Strict selection of first-class lemon marinated for more than half a year😮Color uniform taste more traditional! Used to make any specialty drink or Thai specialty🍹🍸Absolutely first-class choice.

Salty lime is suitable for steamed fish, soup, braising vegetables, fried meat... The taste is salty and sour, which is appetizing!
In addition, salty lime also has good relief for throat discomfort or phlegm. Stir and mash lime, and then brew with hot boiled water. Lemon juice will be completely released, with more prominent taste and thirst quenching.💯

📆Consumption period: 2025/07
🌏Origin: Thailand

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