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Sushi shape juice fudge 100g

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Sushi modeling juice fudge 100g (about 27-30)

Yo ~ sour sweet, soft waxy q mouth elastic teeth, non-sticky teeth🦷
Fine grained, kawaii styling, juice flavors. Adults and children eat rock food, dinner party essential snacks🎉

🎈1 packet about 27-30 grains. Coax friends, big and small, to fasten the rack😂
😜Sour and Sweet Sushi🍣A side to eat, you don't eat I want to eat😁

⚠️ Note:
Children aged 3 or below are not recommended.
3-5 years old children, please cut, or accompanied by adults to eat.

📌Standard: 100g/package (-5-2) (about 27-30 grains)
📆Edible period: 2024.09 (subject to the label on the package)
📦Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Please eat immediately after opening or keep in a sealed container to avoid moisture.

* Color may be due to the web page presentation and shooting relationship produce color difference, the picture is for reference only, the actual object shall prevail.